Day 19

It poured down on me all day. I’m soaked, in and out. And a slow car ( More like a slow cow!!!) Made me miss the Ferry on Kootenay Bay by about 1min…. So I went in the restaurant and grabbed a much appreciated coffee. I’m walking in ponds inside my boots, everything is wet, wet, wet.

I called Jäger during that coffee break and he told me about the route down south on the west shore instead. It’s quite scenic! And bonus: not waiting on the ferry. Also it’s wasn’t raining that way. But oh well, i was allready all wet.

I stopped in Trail tonight, wich is also the place Jäger was at, so I got to meet up with him over dinner. It was very fun meeting him and oh what’s that! He brought me an Infantry Ration Pack with the individual flameless ration heater bag thing… How cool is that! I’ll be sure to post pictures of the adventure of cooking that stuff when I get to it in the next couple of days. I’m thinking i’ll save it for when I’m in the long run in the flatlands because that part has nothing in sight as far as food goes for long lenght of times.

On another note, I’m on the 2nd part-ish now. The going back home part. I’m a bit behind on schedule and must decide on the route to take home. The fastest and safest one to take in order to be in time is the most boring one or the one I came by. Neither is ”awesome”. I’m on this trip right now and I should make the most out of it. I’m gonna go as far south as I can tomorrow and see from there.

I would very like to be able to reach Utah and then go east through Colorado and Kansas instead. We’ll see how it goes, with the loosing 3 hours on the way as well…

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