Day 22

Did I mention I love this bike? Today I asked a lot out of it and it delivered. Not only I did about 500 miles (850km?) I did a few of them off road.

I took highway 6 to Moab, very desertic but scenic route. Nothing else to say but wow canyons! I arrived in Moab and for some reason yet again seemed like everything was sold out. I managed to get one motel room at 3h pm. I off loaded R2 and went to play in arches national park.

Nice canyon road going up with awesome views but hey what’s that, a dirt road branching up! I took it then arrived at a fork. Left said: “4×4 required, high clearance only.” So I figured that looked like fun. Boy were they not kidding. Needs at LEAST 3-4 inches of lift and at leaf 33-35in tires… That trails was rough. I kept thinking “oh shit oh shit” but R2 held and pulled through just about everything, exept a huge uphill half wheel deep sand box about 400 feet long wich got me stuck for a good 45min good thing I had water.

I got off the bike and pushed it up while spinning the back wheel and it barely moved.. Still managed to get out. Steep rock climbs, steep rock slope going down. It wasn’t easy one bit. I felt I was trying to go down a downhill mountain bike competition course but on a motocross…

Loads of fun an adventure though, the msr bottle broke and fell 3 times.. I dropped the bike once and got flipped highside swiveling and losin the front end in a deep sand pit. Didn’t Burt though as I was in sand. Took me about 2-3 hours to go through that 30 something miles trail. Then, back on sweet Tarmac. My forearms and wrist were shot… And I was hurting in the legs.

Nothing beats the smile on my face though. And oh, did I mention I love this bike?

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2 thoughts on “Day 22

  1. ok I saved that one shot of the bike against all the red rocks. Definitely going on the front page of the forum!!

  2. En tout cas c’est toute une aventure que tu vie là.

    Heureux pour toi que les nuages soient ailleurs.

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