Day 25

Ah looks like it’s not gonna rain today! I pack up the luggage, carefully that time. I’m going for St-louis today. The ride up to there was quite unevent full.

But for lunch I opened up the Ration Pack (M.R.E.) that Jäger gave me when I left from Trail, BC. My god, that little pack it full of stuff… Check the pics, there’s like a meal, some strawberry applesauce, a bread, peanutt butter and jelly, 2 satchel of coffee and 2 of tea. A gatorade-like powder and a satchel to pour it in with water, wet-ones, salt, tabasco, pepper, napkins, chewing gum, and i’m forgetting some of the other stuff that was in there.

I put the meal in the heater pouch, poured water in it, it heated. I waited a few mins while eating the bread with peanutt butter and jelly and then the meal was ready and it was super good!

I wonder if I could buy some more of that stuff for future trips, they pack small and light and are quick and easily prepared, even under the rain (so thats good for me!!)

I arrived in St-Louis around 5pm, found a Moteal dropped the stuff and went to check on Fezz. I got to his place and we went for a beer. Got a few and walked back to his place where we chatted a bit and played some guitar. We’ve had a cool evening. It’s always fun to finally meet people you’ve been talking to for a while.

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