Day 26

Well, I had a cold morning. I took the gps suggested route to get out of the highway cause the wind was so cold… I ended up getting lost in the endless fields of corn and stuff because my gps ran out of battery and the cable to charge it took some water and oxided and it wasn’t charging it anymore… Time to eat I guess?

I took a break I was almost out of gas and I didn’t know where to go for that (or for civilisation of some sort for that matter…)

So I pulled out the Knife I bought in Idaho…

(I forgot to tell you guys about that story…)
Knife story: I was out of gas and I finally found a pump! I had the Rotopax empty, I allready used it… And I was about 45km into fuel light so I had about 0.2 gal left in it… So when I found the pump, I started pumping gas in it. and filled everything. ONLY THEN I noticed they were not accepting Credit Cards for under 20$ :/

I had no cash on me and after trying to argue with that old lady, I ended up buying a Knife to round up the price to 22$… You never know, A knife can be handy in a trip…
(end of the knife story)

So I pulled the knife out and started to scratch off the oxidation from the cable plug, After 10-15min I tought I had something good going with the cable so I tried it and Boom! It worked. Phone GPS was charging again!

So I had it search and point the way to the nearest gas station and it was in range. So filled and continued on. I had 570 miles to go today, I was a bit late on schedule. So I headed back on the Interstate and made good time. The 14-48 setup works better than expected. I can cruise at 70mph as opposed to 58-59 for the same fuel efficiency compared to before just because of the rpm change. Wichis awesome!

So I’m just outside Detroit tonight and I’ll be home tomorrow. I can’t wait for my bed!

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