Day 27

I had about 1050 km to do today. So I got up early and went quickly on my way. I arrived home around 7h30 pm took me just over 11h. What a long day, but it was worth it. My bed is just so much better! 🙂

Ontario is pretty boring along the highway, specially when, you guessed it, it rains. But I had a goal and I wanted to get home tonight!

Overall the Trip took 27 days, just slightly over 14,000 km, a 3 oil changes, 1 tire swap, 1 chain and sprckets change, and I dare not calculate the amount of gas.

I saw a lot, experienced a lot and I think it’s changed me a bit. It has definatly toughen me up a notch. The golden rule of always bring ducktape still has proven to be golden. And there is a LOT more not urban areas than urban areas. Wich is awesome for those of us who like Nature slightly more than cities. 🙂

I also, want to thank again, xcel, Kurai, Dragonia, KLRChickie, ZED, Shewolf, Jäger, Fezz, you guys at Vernon Motorsport, the members of WR205R Forums and the members of M4E. Without your assistance, your emails, and your comments. I wouldn’t have been able to complete this journey. You have my deepest thanks and I’m looking foward to seeing you again someday.

This will conclude this trip. There’s bound to be another one someday. But for now, the bike needs major cleaning.

See you online or in the trails!

– Medski

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One thought on “Day 27

  1. HellCrow on said:

    Hey Medski !

    Méchant trip que tu fais cela, je viens juste de voir cela sur M4E !

    C’est cool tes photos lâches pas, je vais venir suivre ca de plus près ! 😀

    @+ mec !

    – HellCrow

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